• The American Physical Therapy Association recognizes the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education (ABPTRFE) as the agency for the accreditation of physical therapy residency and fellowship education programs.

    • Board Roster

      The ABPTRFE Board determines the standards with which a residency or fellowship education program must comply to be accredited.

    • Candidacy Review Council

      This council is responsible for completing comprehensive reviews of programs seeking candidacy status.

    • Onsite Team

      This team is responsible for conducting onsite visits.

    • Standards Committee

      This committee is responsible for annually reviewing suggestions received by internal and external stakeholders on the adequacy of implemented policies, procedures, and standards.

    • ABPTRFE Staff

      ABPTRFE staff provide administrative support to the board.

  • Last Updated: 9/27/2018
    Contact: resfel@apta.org