• A student may contact and apply to a program at any time. However, physical therapist (PT) licensure is required to be a resident. Some residencies require a period of professional experience prior to applying, but not all programs ask this. A residency program may deny admission to a new graduate who has not yet sat for their state licensing examination. Some states offer temporary licensure to allow you to practice under the supervision of a certified PT while you await the passing of the board examination.

    Programs vary significantly in time requirements, clinical responsibilities, continuing education, and research involvement. The selection of a residency program should be based on the applicant's goals, learning style, and areas of interest. In addition to clinical hours and didactic coursework, some programs may offer the opportunity to participate in research, classroom teaching, observation with physicians, or in hands-on work with athletic teams.

    Application deadline dates and interview schedules are dictated by each residency program individually. The time frame to begin and the length of the program may vary from program to program. Please visit the Residency/Fellowship Centralized Application Service (RF-PTCAS) information page to apply to participating programs.  For all further inquires, please contact the programs directly.

  • Last Updated: 11/6/2013
    Contact: resfel@apta.org