• Residency programs are postprofessional programs that occur after the graduate physical therapist has obtained their license to practice.

    Residency programs in physical therapy may be clinical programs that advance a physical therapists knowledge and skills in patient/client management, or nonclinical focusing on advancing a physical therapist's career outside of their clinical duties. Currently, only clinical-based residency programs are credentialed through ABPTRFE.

    A residency candidate must be licensed as a physical therapist in the state where the program is located. Clinical training will occur prior to entry into the program. Neither 'clinical residency' nor 'clinical fellowship' is synonymous with the terms 'clinical internship.'

    The residency program must be completed with a minimum of 1,500 hours and in no fewer than 9 months and no more than 36 months.

    For more information, contact APTA's residency/fellowship staff at resfel@apta.org, or 703/706-3152.

  • Last Updated: 3/31/2016
    Contact: resfel@apta.org