• APTA highly advocates completing a residency program. As more programs are developed across the country, potential applicants will have an increased opportunity to complete a residency program. Those physical therapists deciding to complete a postprofessional program and sit for the specialist exam are more marketable as specialized practitioners. In addition, individuals who complete the program(s) may have the opportunity to become involved with residency programs (development, faculty, mentoring, etc.).

    Completion of an ABPTRFE accredited residency program is one of the ways an individual can qualify to sit for the Specialist Certification Exam. Additionally, those with residency training have demonstrated to score higher (.pdf) than their nonresidency trained counterparts. For information regarding the Specialist Certification Exam, please contact spec-cert@apta.org.

  • Last Updated: 10/3/2014
    Contact: resfel@apta.org