• The Residency/Fellowship Centralized Application Services (RF-PTCAS) offers multiple benefits for applicants, residency/fellowship programs, and the physical therapy profession.


    • Determines the number of residency/fellowship applicants versus applications to better track national application trends, lack of available residency/fellowship positions, and need for additional programs.
    • Compares physical therapist residency/fellowship application trends to other health professions' residency/fellowship programs that use a centralized process.
    • Generates national data regarding the entire pool of residency/fellowship applicants in regards to applicant-to-application ratio, state of residency, gender, age, race, academic criteria, and many other selected fields to focus national recruitment efforts.
    • Better promotes advanced careers in physical therapy and information about the residency/fellowship admissions process to a more accessible audience via the RF-PTCAS website.
    • Uses applicant data to support arguments for increased federal funding in such areas as financial aid loans and grants and research grants.
    • Better tracks applicants throughout their professional careers. Data may contribute to manpower research and discussion.
    • Overtime RF-PTCAS will incorporate applicant data into a national database to help the physical therapy profession measure participant attitudes at graduation, level of educational indebtedness, and the career outcomes of graduates. The database can be used to track patterns of practitioners over time to measure changes in practice and attitudes.
  • Last Updated: 10/26/2017
    Contact: academicservices@apta.org