• The Residency/Fellowship Centralized Application Services (RF-PTCAS) offers multiple benefits for applicants, residency/fellowship programs, and the physical therapy profession. Learn more about benefits for participating programs.


    • Significantly decreases the administrative burden on admissions committees and staff by reducing data entry and filing responsibilities.
    • Promotes program to a broader spectrum of prospective applicants in order to recruit a qualified applicant pool that is diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, background, and geographic location.
    • Reduces the expense of developing and maintaining a paper or web-based application process at the organization or program level.
    • Easily contacts prospective applicants before their applications are verified in order to send recruitment and/or supplemental application information and increase the program’s acceptance yield.
    • Captures comprehensive applicant data in which to make admission decisions.
    • Analyzes local application trends against peer and national data in order to develop more effective recruitment strategies.
    • Contributes to and accesses a rich database of applicant data that could eventually eliminate the need for surveys.
    • Checks the real-time status of an application, transcripts, and references online at any point in the cycle.
    • Exports RF-PTCAS data from client software into a local computer database.
    • Shares and receives information regarding suspected cases of falsified data and transcripts.
    • Uses the dedicated and free RF-PTCAS and WebAdMIT customer support for general and file-specific questions.
  • Last Updated: 10/26/2017
    Contact: academicservices@apta.org