• The RF-PTCAS application is only 1 step in the residency/fellowship program admissions process. You must meet all RF-PTCAS and program requirements before your application will be reviewed.

    First Steps

    Review the RF-PTCAS program directory and program requirements.

    Create a new RF-PTCAS application account.

    Complete the "Colleges and Universities" section by listing EVERY institution you have attended.

    If any of the programs you are applying to require official transcripts, arrange for these to be sent to RF-PTCAS as soon as possible using the transcript request form generated by the RF-PTCAS application.

    Complete the evaluation section, so your references have adequate time to respond.

    Supplemental Fee

    In addition to the RF-PTCAS application fee ($140 for the first program designation; $40 for each additional program designation), physical therapy residency and fellowship programs may require you to send a supplemental application fee directly to that institution. Submit supplemental application fees (if required) directly to your designated programs. Please review each program's requirements on the RF-PTCAS Program Directory for a listing of any required supplemental fees.

    The deadline for supplemental application fees may be the same as the program's RF-PTCAS deadline or a later date. Review the RF-PTCAS Program Directory, or contact the program directly to obtain supplemental instructions.

    Helpful Tips

    Do not wait for RF-PTCAS to receive all of your materials before you submit your application.

    Log into RF-PTCAS to check the real-time status of your transcripts and references.

    Arrange for all materials to arrive before the application deadline date.

    Check your email daily for important message from RF-PTCAS and programs.

    Review your application for accuracy before you e-submit.

    Print a hard copy of your application for your personal records.

    Do NOT apply to a program unless you meet its admission requirements/prerequisites (carefully review this information on the RF-PTCAS Program Directory for the programs you are looking to apply to).

    Sharing of Admission Decisions

    Residency/Fellowship programs will notify applicants directly regarding all admission decisions.

    After the completion of the admissions cycle in August, programs will be able to view the other programs designated by their applicants and the final admission decision reported by each competing institution in RF-PTCAS.

  • Last Updated: 10/23/2017
    Contact: academicservices@apta.org