• The ABPTRFE Board of Directors are pleased to present you with the opportunity to comment on the proposed ABPTRFE Non-Clinical Quality Standards.  


    Consistent with the principles of continuous improvement and self-examination that ABPTRFE expects of its accredited programs, over the past 18 months ABPTRFE has engaged in an extensive effort to review its evaluative criteria. While ABPTRFE's current evaluative criteria sets appropriate levels of specificity with respect to expected program performance, the overarching goal of this undertaking was to reduce redundancies throughout the evaluative criteria, demonstrate a commitment to monitoring outcomes, and prepare ABPRTFE for continued growth. The proposed Non-Clinical Quality Standards were designed to allow programs to provide evidence of program and participant achievement to better emphasize the benefits of non-clinical residency and fellowship education in the advancement of physical therapists' professional practice.

    This call for comment period is meant to give all stakeholders an opportunity to provide meaningful feedback on the proposed Non-Clinical Quality Standards. Over the next six weeks, ABPTRFE encourages programs to review the Non-Clinical Quality Standards and provide comments. These comments will be carefully reviewed by the ABPTRFE Board of Directors during their next meeting.

    Review Guidelines

    As you review the proposed Non-Clinical Quality Standards, please keep in mind the primary objectives of this revision were to:

    1. Identify and resolve redundancies;
    2. Clarify language to express compliance expectations for non-clinical residency/fellowship programs;
    3. Assure comparability of standards and procedures aligned with industry accreditation expectations;
    4. Emphasize an outcomes-focus that effectively communicates the importance of non-clinical residency and fellowship education.

    The feedback received will be carefully reviewed in advance of another iteration of the proposed Non-Clinical Quality Standards. ABPTRFE is currently undergoing part 2 of this comprehensive project which commenced in summer 2017 and includes a review of corresponding processes, procedures, and companion documents to assure the accreditation process continues to efficiently support the growth of ABPTRFE and its members.

    Review and Comment

    1. Review the Proposed Non-Clinical Quality Standards (.pdf)
    2. Complete the Online Survey Deadline: December 15, 2017  

    Questions: Contact info@educredservices.com.

    Thank you for your commitment to physical therapist residency and fellowship programs and to the future of ABPTRFE.

  • Last Updated: 11/7/2017
    Contact: resfel@apta.org