• A nonrefundable application fee must accompany each application. The fee schedule for accrediting of residency and fellowship programs is determined by the number of residents/fellows enrolled. The application is not distributed to the reviewers until the application fee has been paid.

    Site Visit Fees

    A site visit will take place over a period of one to two days. It will consist of a series of conferences between the site visitors and administrative officials, faculty, program participants, and graduates (if available), as well as visits to selected program facilities and, if the visitors deem it appropriate, sponsoring organizations affiliated with the program. The Council liaison will select a minimum of 25% of the program’s clinical sites to undergo a site visit. When these clinical sites are spread across a wide geographical area, a single site visit will be limited to those sites that can be realistically reviewed during the one to two day site visit. Any sites beyond this geographical area will undergo separate site visit(s).

    Please review Rule 8 of the ABPTRFE Rules of Practice and Procedure for details. Please review the notation at the top of this page regarding changes in 2016 to site visit fees.

    PLEASE NOTE: As of January 1, 2016, expenses for a single site visit will be included within the program's application for candidacy or application for reaccreditation fee. Therefore, the application fees for candidacy and reaccreditation have been increased by $1800 to cover the cost of this single site visit.

    Any expenses associated with additional site visits pursuant to Rules 8.7 and 8.10 of the ABPTRFE Rules of Practice and Procedure (.pdf) will be the responsibility of the program. In these cases, APTA will reimburse the site visitors for their travel, lodging, food, and incidental expenses in accordance with APTA guidelines. In turn, APTA will invoice the program for these expenses, subject to the 2-visitor and 2-day limitations. APTA will make all reasonable efforts to minimize the travel expenses of the site visitors.

    Annual Fee

    A program that has candidate status or has accreditation (including probationary accreditation) as of January 1 of any year must submit an annual fee for that year no later than March 1. However, a program whose accreditation will expire during the year need not pay an annual fee for that year. As of January 1, 2016 a program that has applied for reaccreditation within the immediately preceding calendar year need not file an annual fee.

    Reaccreditation Fee

    A program that is accredited may apply for reaccreditation by submitting a reaccreditation application and reaccreditation application fee at least twelve months but no more than fifteen months prior to the expiration of its accreditation.

    The accreditation of a program that fails to make a timely application for reaccreditation shall expire at the end of the period of accreditation.

    A program that has lost (or will lose) its accreditation on account of its failure to apply for reaccreditation by the deadline may apply for candidacy under Rule 5 of the ABPTRFE Rules of Practice and Procedure. Please review the notation at the top of this page regarding changes in 2016 to site visit fees

    No of Residents/Fellows *Recognition Fee Candidacy Fee Annual Fee Reaccreditation Fee
    Year 2015/2016 2015   2016 2015/2016 2015   2016
    1-5 Residents/Fellows $500.00 $1345.75 $3145.75 $922.88 $1845.75 $3645.75
    6-10 Residents/Fellows $500.00 $1961.00 $3761.00 $1230.50 $2461.00 $4261.00
    11+ Residents/Fellows $500.00 $2576.25 $4376.25 $1538.13 $3076.25 $4876.25

    Grant Funding

    The following APTA sections offer grant funding for residency accreditation fees:

    Please visit the section's website (linked above) for information regarding the amount of grant funding and application requirements.

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