• ABPTRFE meets 3 times annually to make initial accreditation decisions in January, May, and September based on the initial accreditation tracks (eg, Track One, Track Two, or Track Three) as outlined within the ABPTRFE Processes and Procedures (.pdf).

    Developing programs are encouraged to review ABPTRFE Initial Accreditation Timelines and consult with ABPTRFE staff for planning purposes.

    Developing programs should begin preparing the Self-Evaluation Report and Exhibits a minimum of 9-12 months prior to submitting the Application for Candidacy.

    Please note: Programs will comply with APTA's policies and positions. Programs will not place any resident/fellow in a clinical education experience where the clinic is in a referral for profit situation, that is, one in which a referring physician (medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, podiatrist, dentist, or chiropractor) derives a financial benefit from the physical therapy services provided to the person who is referred. The situations to which this restriction applies include those in which: (a) the physician has an ownership interest in a physical therapy practice to which he or she refers, (b) the physician or the physician’s practice employs or contracts with physical therapists to provide physical therapy services within the physician practice, or (c) the physician’s income or bonus is directly or indirectly tied to the revenues of the physical therapy service to which he or she refers patients.

  • Last Updated: 9/26/2018
    Contact: resfel@apta.org