• The reaccreditation process will evaluate the program's continuing ability to meet all requirements for accreditation.

    A program's initial accreditation period is 5 years from the date ABPTRFE granted accreditation. A program that is accredited may apply for reaccreditation by submitting a reaccreditation application and reaccreditation application fee at least 12 months but no more than 15 months prior to the expiration of its accreditation.

    The accreditation of a program that fails to make a timely application for reaccreditation shall expire at the end of the period of accreditation.

    A program that has lost (or will lose) its accreditation on account of its failure to apply for reaccreditation by the deadline may apply for candidacy under Rule 5.

    A reaccreditation application shall be processed in the same manner as an application for candidacy, including the site visit. A current program participant or a recent graduate must be available on site during the reaccreditation site visit.

    If ABPTRFE determines that the program is qualified to receive accreditation or probationary accreditation, then it shall grant accreditation or probationary accreditation, which shall become effective as of the day the program’s accreditation expires. If ABPTRFE grants accreditation in response to an application for reaccreditation, the new period shall run for a period of 10 years from the effective date.

    Please submit any questions or comments to resfel@apta.org.

    Reaccreditation Resources

    • Annual Fees

      Please review the information regarding annual and reaccreditation fees.

    • Application Tools and Resources

      The application tools and resources information is the same as it is for developing programs.

    • Evaluation

      The program conducts ongoing evaluation of the program goals, faculty, curriculum, and participants.

    Assistive Resources

    Related Resources

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