• Please refer to Rule 13 in the ABPTRFE Rules of Practice and Procedure for complete details on the annual report process.  In summary, a program that has accreditation (but not probationary accreditation) as of January 1 of any year must submit an annual report with respect to the prior year, which must be submitted (or postmarked) no later than January 31 and no earlier than January 1.  However, a program that has applied for reaccreditation within the immediately preceding calendar year need not file an annual report.

    Suspension and Administrative Withdrawal of Accreditation

    If an accredited program fails to submit an annual report on time its accreditation shall be suspended automatically, effective as of the deadline for submission. The APTA staff shall send such a program by registered or certified mail a written notice of delinquency advising the program that its accreditation has been suspended.

    If the program fails to submit its annual report within 30 calendar days from receipt of the notice of delinquency its accreditation shall be administratively withdrawn, and ABPTRFE shall issue a notification to that effect to the program.

    Contents of Annual Report

    An accredited program shall submit the required annual report on a form prescribed (.doc) by ABPTRFE and e-mail it to stephaniemcnally@apta.org.  Submit 1 document that is inclusive of the annual report and any supporting documentation.

    The annual report that a program submits to ABPTRFE must not contain protected health information (PHI) as defined in the privacy regulations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, 42 CFR Part 160.

    ABPTRFE Annual Report Submission Form (.doc)

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