• ABPTRFE meets 2 times annually to make renewal of accreditation decisions in January and September based on the renewal of accreditation tracks (eg, Track One or Track Two) as outlined within the ABPTRFE Processes and Procedures (.pdf).

    ABPTRFE staff notifies programs scheduled for renewal of accreditation 15 months prior to the expiration of accreditation.

    For issues regarding accessing the Accreditation Management System, please contact Fenos Judd.

    • Fees

      The fees for residency and fellowship accreditation are established by ABPTRFE and are subject to change every 2 years.

    • Annual Continuous Improvement Report

      Every year, ABPTRFE requires an Annual Continuous Improvement Report (ACIR) submission by all accredited residency and fellowship programs. The ACIR must be submitted through the Accreditation Management System by January 31.

    • Substantive Changes

      A substantive change is one that may significantly affect a program's mission, quality, scope, or control. Board approval is required before the program can implement the substantive change.

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