• Each fellowship program is different. Some programs charge tuition and/or a fee, where others may provide a partial stipend or even a full salary with benefits. Please contact each program you are interested in directly for information regarding costs and compensation associated with each program.

    APTA Discounts

    Participants of an accredited fellowship program are eligible for the discounted postprofessional student APTA membership if enrolled full time in the accredited program when the therapist is due for membership renewal. Please refer to APTA membership for postprofessional students webpage for information and forms required for this discounted membership rate.

    In addition, physical therapists are eligible for the same discounted rate for all APTA conferences:

    while enrolled in an accredited fellowship program

    Student Loans

    For information regarding federal loans, please review the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Opportunities for Physical Therapists.  Information regarding forbearance and deferment can be found on the Department of Education website.

    With respect to loans from private lenders, contact them and see what options they offer.  Bear in mind that upon fellowship completion, you may receive a certificate from the program.  Some private loan lenders may require you to verify completion of a program. 

  • Last Updated: 7/16/2014
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