• Members and Terms

    The Accreditation Services Council shall appoint individuals who are not members of the council to the Accreditation Services Committee. Committee members are selected for a term of at least four years. Committee members will be evaluated annually regarding their performance. A $200 per day (eg, 24 hours) per site visit honorarium is provided to committee members.

    Applicant Qualifications

    Individuals are being recommended for these categories:

    • Licensed physical therapist.
    • Current membership in APTA.
    • Graduate of an ABPTRFE accredited residency or fellowship program and/or recognized expertise in an ABPTRFE approved area of practice/concentration. Expertise in physical therapy education and/or clinical residency or fellowship education.
    • Agree to complete training, agree to be available for at least three application reviews and site visits per year, agree to review annual reports, and agree to stay current in residency/fellowship application evaluation procedures.

    Committee Member Tasks

    • Serve as a primary reviewer in area of content expertise
    • Serve as a primary reviewer or site visit team leader
    • Provide consultation to the Accreditation Services Council
    • Serve as a reviewer for the Annual Report review process

    Appointment Process

    The following timeline will be used as a guide for the appointment of new Committee members:

    • October 2016: A call for applications
    • November 30, 2016: Application Deadline
    • December 2016: Accreditation Services Council makes appointments
    • January 2017: Initial contact with new committee member to congratulate him/her on appointment. Appointed members will be required to sign service commitment, pledge of confidentiality, and pledge to uphold patient confidentiality during program accreditation, including when conducting site visits. New committee members will be instructed to begin the online orientation process.
    • April 10, 2017: New committee members will attend on-site training.


    Members of the Accreditation Services Committee will be oriented via APTA staff with the assistance of the Accreditation Services Council. The process for orientation of new committee members is as follows:

    1. New committee members will be instructed to take the mandatory online committee training following their appointment. This training must be completed prior to the onsite training held at APTA headquarters
    2. The onsite training will focus on conducting application reviews and review of site visit policies and procedures
    3. Following the onsite training, the newly appointed committee member will be assigned their first accreditation application as a 3rd member on the review team. The newly appointed committee member will actively participate in the application review process. They then will attend the program's site visit for observational learning
    4. The committee member will serve as content expert on their second application assignment
    5. Promotion to lead reviewer based off of evaluation of performance

    All committee members will receive additional training and updates on substantive changes made by ABPTRFE related to the accreditation process annually via online refresher training for the duration of their appointment.

    Appointments to the Committee by the Accreditation Services Council will occur in December 2016. Notification regarding appointments will be sent in January 2017. For additional questions, please contact resfel@apta.org.

    Apply Now

    The application process is now closed. Selected members will be notified the end of December, early-January.