Cleveland Clinic Sports Residency
    The residency program will provide an opportunity to gain knowledge in:

    •Development of the skills necessary to perform sophisticated sports medicine evaluations and plan of care essential to providing sports physical therapy.

    •Prescribing appropriate rehabilitation programs related to sports physical therapy

    •Provide for the acute care of orthopaedic and sports related injuries.

    •Develop and implement functional testing to determine return to sport criteria.

    •Select and apply appropriate bracing, protective devices, immobilization or strapping techniques to minimize severity of injury or return to competition.

    •Demonstrate skill and knowledge by performing specific tests related to sports physical therapy, such as isokinetic evaluation, KT-1000, proprioceptive testing, and hydrostatic weighing, and understanding appropriate use and reliability/validity of each test chosen.

    •Observation of operative arthroscopy and sports related surgical procedures.

    •Observe and interact with primary care sports medicine physicians to gain an understanding of the non-surgical problems associated with athletes.

    •The opportunity to prepare and deliver presentations to the care of the athlete and rehabilitation.

    •Read and critique current research studies, as well as design and conduct a research study related to sports physical therapy.

    •Educate other health care providers as to the role of sports physical therapy in relation to the care and management of athletic injuries.

    •The opportunity to be exposed to administrative duties and exposed to the daily business aspects of a rehabilitation clinic.

    •The opportunity to interact with physical therapists, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, physicians, and orthopaedic surgeons as a team member in the care of sports related injuries.

    •Observation of exercise physiology services which include, employee fitness training, body composition, hydrostatic weight system, exercise stress testing, blood lactate and metabolic analysis, and maximal oxygen consumption.
Program Contact Information
Program Type Residency
Program Status Accredited
Specialty/Subspecialty Sports
Program Directors Name Dr Daniel Hass, PT, DPT
Address Line 1 5555 Transportation Blvd
Address Line 2 Mail Code: SH-1
City, State Zip Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125
Phone 216/518-3624
Fax 216/518-3612
Application Details
Application Deadline 1 12/01/2016
Admission Decision Date 1 03/03/2017
Program Start Date 1 07/15/2017
Interview Required Yes
Important Dates Onsite interview is scheduled for 02/10/2017 during day. Selected applicants
Program Prerequisites
Courses Not Applicable
Certifications Certification as an Emergency Responder
Experience Not Applicable
Link to program’s prerequisite instructions Not Applicable
Supplemental Requirements
Supplemental application fee required Not Applicable
Supplemental application fee amount Not Applicable
Link to supplemental forms or instructions Not Applicable
Essay Questions
Program requires a reference from the following individuals
    Not Applicable
Program Details
Multi-site program No
Part-time versus Full-time Full Time
      Tuition No
      Salary Yes
      Salary Type Annually
      Benefits Full-Time Employee
      Other Benefits Not Applicable
      Ability to earn higher degree No
      Higher degree available Not Applicable
      Program Length (in months) 18
      Anticipant number of clinical hours per week 40
      Maximum Number of Positions 1